My Bucket List

The Simple Equation


“The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all!” 

  1. Learn to fly a helicopter
  2. Snowboard in Canada
  3. Visit the Enchanted River
  4. Visit the Pyramids of Egypt
  5. Trek Machu Pichu
  6. Throw a tomato at randoms at La Tomatina
  7. Skull a beer from a boot at Oktoberfest
  8. Do the Trans-Siberian Railway
  9. Watch the northern lights
  10. Bungee jump
  11. Go sky diving
  12. Learn Spanish
  13. Meditate with Buddhist Monks
  14. Experience spring break in Cancun, Mexico
  15. Smoke a Cigar from Cuba
  16. Run with the Bulls in Spain.
  17. Sleep in a tree house
  18. Search for the ultimate hammock location
  19. View the worlds largest cork tree in Portugal
  20. See the great blue hole in Belize
  21. Walk the Inca rope bridge
  22. Ride the swing on the edge of the world in Ecuador
  23. Visit a coffee plantation in Guatemala
  24. Hike the Heavens Gate stairs in China
  25. Go to the Holi Festival in India
  26. Sit on the Troll’s Tongue in Norway.
  27. Micro fly the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
  28. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  29. Go to an EPL game
  30. To be continued………

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