A message in a tree…


A recent spontaneous camping trip to the great southern region of Western Australia with some good company, provided a much needed reset of the body and mind! 

Apart from the warming campfires, the fishing and the exploring, there was one fine discovery that provoked a blog post. I did initially decide that this blog was for my travel around the world, however this does relate.

I had heard about a tree… 

Not any normal tree, but a tree that was over 65 meters high with a historic story behind it. 

The Bicentennial Tree! 

This cloud piercing bean stalk stood higher than most trees in the area and was used as a natural defense against bushfires, by providing people with a viewing platform high enough to see any oncoming flames. The old wooden pegs that were nailed into the tree to assist the climbers are now replaced with steel pegs and some support wire. So we have mechanically progressed with time.

For any person scared of heights – don’t be fooled by modern day engineering. The fear of falling is real. The distance between each steel peg is large enough to have you slip through and plummet to the bottom. With no harnesses and a sign warning you of the risks you face, the fear soon sets in. 

But Fear needs to be defeated!

“Great things never come from comfort zones!”

I loathe heights but I heard this quote and it stuck with me at the moment I took the first step towards the top. I knew this had to be done. So I did it – I climbed to the top! 

As I got closer to the top I noticed the Gandalf quote penned into the tree and I instantly knew I was meant to see it. It was so ironic that I started laughing and saying “fuckin Gandalf” myself! I yelled it to my partner in crime who missed it climbing up the tree and she instantly cracked up laughing also. 

It had me thinking about my fear of wandering the world next year! The thought of exiting the comfort zone and leaving on a journey around the world for 12 months. It is scary to think I am leaving a great job and a comfortable life to visit the unknown. The thought of returning to a potentially different life? I think some more… 

“Those who wander are not lost!”

Wandering the world and taking that risk to see what most never get to see?? The different sites I will encounter and cultures I will experience?? 

I sat on the highest point of that tree and that’s when I realised Gandalf is right. No matter where u wander, whether it be around the world or to the top of a 65m tree 450kms away from your comfortable home – you are never lost. It is the contrary – you are found! 



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