The Decision is FINAL!

Absent with out leave…..

A great paying job, a potential management career and financial freedom still didn’t satisfy me. It once did, however adverse life situations changed my path and i sought a more fulfilled life.

The saying “do what you love” had been circulating in my mind and i began questioning my purpose in life. I curiously asked myself am i truly happy? and what more do i want? I think at some point everyone asks themselves these questions, except for most people that is all they do – just ask. In my case i was 24 years of age, recently single from a long term relationship and had absolutely no financial commitments.

So what do you do when you’re young, single and have nothing to tie you down?

TRAVEL THE WORLD! For a whole year to be exact.

Why not?




  1. darwinontherocks · May 1, 2015

    Awesome ! Do you already have an itinerary planned ?

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    • Luka Reedy · May 1, 2015

      Thank you! We have an itinerary we just need to confirm solid dates. But we will start in Canada then work our through America and South America till June 2016 and then Europe and Asia in the second half of the year. Do you have any plans that will overlap?


      • darwinontherocks · May 1, 2015

        I don’t know yet, I’m moving to the UK in june and I don’t know what I will do in 2016, it will depend if I manage to find a job or not


      • Luka Reedy · May 1, 2015

        Okay no problems. Enjoy the UK and i hope you find a job soon enough!I will use your knowledge as i begin travelling anyway!

        Watch this space!

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  2. Chasing After Chloe · June 6, 2015

    Sounds amazing!


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